Aligator spirit animal

People connected with

the ALIGATOR spirit animal

People who are connected with the alligator spirit animal tend to rely on their logic and their brain to determine things in life.

If you’re connected with the alligator animal, you’re capable of some sort of bravery, and you use this bravery to take calculated risks.

Your source of energy comes from within, and you may prefer doing things allow, or doing things that stimulate your internal focus.

You have a great adaptability, and tend to do the things within your own control, and let the world do the rest. 

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LOGIC – Aligator Spirit Animal

When your spirit animal is the Aligator spirit animal you have a logical way of thinking. This means that you use your brian well, and have a great way of analyzing situations before making a decision. This is a very powerful ability to have in life, to cleverly decide what to do can have many benefits. If your spirit animal is the Aligator you often have great knowledge and wisdom, and are able to focus and concentrate more than other people.


Benefits of being logic

There are a lot of benefits from being logic, for one is that you are most likely to take the best and most beneficial choices in life. When you have a logical way of thinking you will most likely see the pros and cons of an outcome, which will determine which choice you make, and by always taking the choice that having the most or biggest pros, you will almost always have more pros in your own life.

Another great thing about having the Aligator as your spirit animal, is that you often are able to think multiple steps ahead, which can bring many great things. You are able to logical motivate yourself if you want to, you dont always take the “here and now” pleasure, because you can see the benefits of don doing it down the road, and you know it will bring you even more pleasure and happiness, unless you somehow have figured out another to obtain this, your innovative way of thinking, sometimes have no limit.


Dangers of being too logical

There are two things you should be aware of when you are logical. One is the decision making time. When you are able to analyse everything down to the smallest detail, and somehow can predict the outcome of the decision for years into the future, sometimes it can take forever to make a decision, especially when it is tough calls, where the pros and cons seem to outweigh each other. In these situations just remember, if it is this hard to make a choice, maybe the one is as good as the other? 


Another thing you should be aware of, if that maybe there are some things in life that aren’t logical. If picking your nose with both hands and running around a christmas tree makes you happy, why shouldn’t you do that? maybe that would be that most logical thing to do. Sometimes just follow your heart, and sometimes listen to your brian, because you’re good at it.


“Use your logic, even when the most logical thing is to don’t use it.”

INTERNAL – Aligator Spirit Animal

You have an internal source of energy. When your spirit animal is the Aligator, you often have an internal energy source. This means that your source of energy and power comes from within. When you want to gain and refill energy, you often do that alone in your own thoughts, or through activities that comes from fokus or creativity, like drawing, reading a book, gaming, see a good movie or physical activities like running or working out alone, where you can be alone with your own thoughts.


The power of internal energy
With the Aligator spirit animal as your spirit animal, you have an internal energy source. Having energy coming to you from within is very great, because it basically means that you always can collect new energy. All you have to do to collect new energy is just to take a step back where you can be “alone” with your own thoughts. Having an internal power source often means that you are more thoughtful, more focused, more “booksmart” than most people, and you often have some areas of expertise, where you really come to life, like gaming, your creativity, knowledge in fictional or real universes etc.


Personal traits
People who have an internal power source often prefer to spend time alone, because that is where they collect energy. People with an internal energy source often likes activities that can push their skillset, and be done alone. These people also often prefer smaller friend groups, and will often prefer to have a few really good friends, than a lot of not so close friends.


The danger of an internal power source
The dangers of an internal energy source, is to seek too much within. It is true that the core of your powers and energy lies within, but you can disappear within, and be blind to what is going on around you. If you only look inverse, only dwell in your own thoughts and fantasies, you risk missing out on the life that is going on around you, and you could end up being very lonely. Always try to balance things, use your internal energy and power to process the world around you.


“Look within, and you will find the answer”

FLOW – Aligator Spirit Animal

You follow the flow of the universe. When the Aligator is your spirit animal, you often tend to follow the flow of the universe and life. This is a great power, and has many benefits. When you flow with the universe and life, it means that things often come natural to you, even good and bad, but you always find a way to mostly positively adapt to it. You often have some sort of “carefree” vibe and are acceptable of your surroundings.


Let the good things flow
You don’t try to force things, because normally life will happen no matter what, and you just do things naturally. This is a very strong power, and one power that many people kinda envy, because it seems like everything’s coming så easily to you. When you are well connected to the Aligator spirit animal, and your flow is strong, it feels like everything in life is just coming together like one big puzzle, no matter what “bad” happens to your, it always seem to bring some sort of benefit, maybe a lesson, a chance to grow as a person, or just a generally good thing, that makes you happy. When your flow is strong it’s like riding a bike with the wind in your back through your life. Its like the universe is telling you, that you are doing just the right thing.


Waiting for the flow
Don’t wait for the flow. No matter how well connected you are with the Aligator spirit animal, the flow is not something that just happens, if you “force” yourself to wait for it. The flow is something that happens when you are just being you, and do things that you would do. So to get the most out of the flow of the universe, you have to be you, as much as you can.


“Be who you are, and follow the flow of the universe.”

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