Bat Spirit Animal

People connected with

the BAT spirit animal

Do you know Batman? Just like Batman, the people connected with the bat spirit animal, are highly intelligent.

They use their brian and their smart ways to maneuver through life.

They excel in defence, and would rather play too safe, then to play too risky.

People connected to the bat spirit animal can both be social or spend time alone, to gather positive energy, making them very adaptable to any lifestyle situation.

And a final thing – the people connected to the bat are a “little” controlish .. But in their case, it’s actually a good thing, because of their high intelligence, they are normally right about all the things. 

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LOGIC – Bat Spirit Animal

When your spirit animal is the Bat spirit animal you have a logical way of thinking. This means that you use your brian well, and have a great way of analyzing situations before making a decision. This is a very powerful ability to have in life, to cleverly decide what to do can have many benefits. If your spirit animal is the Bat you often have great knowledge and wisdom, and are able to focus and concentrate more than other people.


Benefits of being logic

There are a lot of benefits from being logic, for one is that you are most likely to take the best and most beneficial choices in life. When you have a logical way of thinking you will most likely see the pros and cons of an outcome, which will determine which choice you make, and by always taking the choice that having the most or biggest pros, you will almost always have more pros in your own life.

Another great thing about having the Bat as your spirit animal, is that you often are able to think multiple steps ahead, which can bring many great things. You are able to logical motivate yourself if you want to, you dont always take the “here and now” pleasure, because you can see the benefits of don doing it down the road, and you know it will bring you even more pleasure and happiness, unless you somehow have figured out another to obtain this, your innovative way of thinking, sometimes have no limit.


Dangers of being too logical

There are two things you should be aware of when you are logical. One is the decision making time. When you are able to analyse everything down to the smallest detail, and somehow can predict the outcome of the decision for years into the future, sometimes it can take forever to make a decision, especially when it is tough calls, where the pros and cons seem to outweigh each other. In these situations just remember, if it is this hard to make a choice, maybe the one is as good as the other? 


Another thing you should be aware of, if that maybe there are some things in life that aren’t logical. If picking your nose with both hands and running around a christmas tree makes you happy, why shouldn’t you do that? maybe that would be that most logical thing to do. Sometimes just follow your heart, and sometimes listen to your brian, because you’re good at it.


“Use your logic, even when the most logical thing is to don’t use it.”

PROTECTION – Bat Spirit Animal

The Bat spirit animal gives you protection, and gives your a protective mindset. If you are connected to the Bat spirit animal, you have a way of thinking and doing, that makes you protective.


– Safety first
– Building defence before offense
– The important thing is not to win, it is not to loose.
– Rather stop now, then risking losing it all

These are all things that describe your mindset, and that is a very strong mindset, that brings you immunity and protection from almost anything in life.


The mind of protection
To be connected with the Bat spirit animal and having a protective mindset have lots of benefits. In life a protective mind and soul gives you protection and security in life keeping you safe. You are rarely injured and rarely hurt makes your protection often keep you from making bad choices in life. You are growth hacking life, meaning that every step you take in life is a small and firm brick, that helps you build somethings bigger, better and stronger. Every step you take in life is strong, and you almost never wever from there. Because of your protectiveness, you almost always secure the steps in life you already have taken, making your growth in life a “little slow” but very strong and steady.


Too protective and too safe
Sometimes your safety and protective energy can stop you in life. You should be very aware of this. When your spirit animal is the Bat and you have a strong protective and safe energy in life, sometimes it can be too much. Sometimes in life we have to push ourselves in life, and get out of our comfort zone, where we don’t always feel “safe”. Don’t let your protectiveness keep you from living. If your protection keeps you from living and stops you in life, one day you will probably wake up and feel more vulnerable than you ever had. Keep taking small and safe “risk” and harden that shell of tours, so you can become stronger, and harder, too keep you protection and safety,


“It is not important when you get there, just as long as you get there”

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