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the ELEPHANT spirit animal

Huge animals have huge hearts, and that especially applies to the elephant spirit animal. If you are connected to this animal, your heart is full of kindness.

Your calmness and calculated mind is one of your strengths, and that is why you never take unnecessary risks.

You contain a lot of inner wisdom, and you seek into yourself to find focus and perspektive.

As this strong and wise creature you have a fine balance between when to force and take control, or when to be kind, and let others have their way. 

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HEART – Elephant Spirit Animal

The Elephant spirit animal has a lot of heart! This means that the people connected with the Elephant spirit animal use their heart to determine things in life. This is a very strong personal trait, because usually people who have a lot of heart, can see beyond logic and see hidden potential in themselves and others. Often people who are connected with the Elephant spirit animal, just have a “feeling” of what is right or wrong, and what decisions to make (and they are often right) – This feeling is in their core and comes from their heart.

Benefits of having lots of heart

There are lots of potential, benefits and powers to awaken with the Elephant spirit animal and its flourishing heart. People truly connected with the Elephant spirit animal often have more sympathy, understanding and connection then other people, which makes them more in tune with all living things. People who have lots of heart are often great with animals, are more helpful, laugh more and live longer. All of these qualities make people connected with the Elephant spirit animal very likeable, and people often trust these people more, making strong bonds between all beings. A strong heart, is a strong person.

Beware of a broken heart

Because people connected with the Elephant animal have a lot of heart, they often put a lot of trust in the people around them, because they always wanna see the best in them. Even though people with a lot of heart often have a strong and correct feeling about who to put their trust into, sometimes this feeling can be misleading, and you end up putting your trust in the wrong people. And it can hurt, it can really hurt a lot .. But the important thing to remember is that it is not you who are wrong, it is the people you put your trust into. They are the ones that spilled their chance to be trusted, to be loved and to having someone believing the best in them.

So no matter how hard you may get hurt, always remember to open your heart again, your love, your trust and your willingness to believe in the best of people are one of your greatest strengths! 

“Let your heart guide you.”

PROTECTION – Elephant Spirit Animal

The Elephant spirit animal gives you protection, and gives your a protective mindset. If you are connected to the Elephant spirit animal, you have a way of thinking and doing, that makes you protective.


– Safety first
– Building defence before offense
– The important thing is not to win, it is not to loose.
– Rather stop now, then risking losing it all

These are all things that describe your mindset, and that is a very strong mindset, that brings you immunity and protection from almost anything in life.


The mind of protection
To be connected with the Elephant spirit animal and having a protective mindset have lots of benefits. In life a protective mind and soul gives you protection and security in life keeping you safe. You are rarely injured and rarely hurt makes your protection often keep you from making bad choices in life. You are growth hacking life, meaning that every step you take in life is a small and firm brick, that helps you build somethings bigger, better and stronger. Every step you take in life is strong, and you almost never wever from there. Because of your protectiveness, you almost always secure the steps in life you already have taken, making your growth in life a “little slow” but very strong and steady.


Too protective and too safe
Sometimes your safety and protective energy can stop you in life. You should be very aware of this. When your spirit animal is the Elephant and you have a strong protective and safe energy in life, sometimes it can be too much. Sometimes in life we have to push ourselves in life, and get out of our comfort zone, where we don’t always feel “safe”. Don’t let your protectiveness keep you from living. If your protection keeps you from living and stops you in life, one day you will probably wake up and feel more vulnerable than you ever had. Keep taking small and safe “risk” and harden that shell of tours, so you can become stronger, and harder, too keep you protection and safety,


“It is not important when you get there, just as long as you get there”

INTERNAL – Elephant Spirit Animal

You have an internal source of energy. When your spirit animal is the Elephant you often have an internal energy source. This means that your source of energy and power comes from within. When you want to gain and refill energy, you often do that alone in your own thoughts, or through activities that comes from fokus or creativity, like drawing, reading a book, gaming, see a good movie or physical activities like running or working out alone, where you can be alone with your own thoughts.


The power of internal energy
With the Elephant spirit animal as your spirit animal, you have an internal energy source. Having energy coming to you from within is very great, because it basically means that you always can collect new energy. All you have to do to collect new energy is just to take a step back where you can be “alone” with your own thoughts. Having an internal power source often means that you are more thoughtful, more focused, more “booksmart” than most people, and you often have some areas of expertise, where you really come to life, like gaming, your creativity, knowledge in fictional or real universes etc.


Personal traits
People who have an internal power source often prefer to spend time alone, because that is where they collect energy. People with an internal energy source often likes activities that can push their skillset, and be done alone. These people also often prefer smaller friend groups, and will often prefer to have a few really good friends, than a lot of not so close friends.


The danger of an internal power source
The dangers of an internal energy source, is to seek too much within. It is true that the core of your powers and energy lies within, but you can disappear within, and be blind to what is going on around you. If you only look inverse, only dwell in your own thoughts and fantasies, you risk missing out on the life that is going on around you, and you could end up being very lonely. Always try to balance things, use your internal energy and power to process the world around you.


“Look within, and you will find the answer”

FLOW – Elephant Spirit Animal

You follow the flow of the universe. When the Elephant is your spirit animal, you often tend to follow the flow of the universe and life. This is a great power, and has many benefits. When you flow with the universe and life, it means that things often come natural to you, even good and bad, but you always find a way to mostly positively adapt to it. You often have some sort of “carefree” vibe and are acceptable of your surroundings.


Let the good things flow
You don’t try to force things, because normally life will happen no matter what, and you just do things naturally. This is a very strong power, and one power that many people kinda envy, because it seems like everything’s coming så easily to you. When you are well connected to the Elephant spirit animal, and your flow is strong, it feels like everything in life is just coming together like one big puzzle, no matter what “bad” happens to your, it always seem to bring some sort of benefit, maybe a lesson, a chance to grow as a person, or just a generally good thing, that makes you happy. When your flow is strong it’s like riding a bike with the wind in your back through your life. Its like the universe is telling you, that you are doing just the right thing.


Waiting for the flow
Don’t wait for the flow. No matter how well connected you are with the Elephant spirit animal, the flow is not something that just happens, if you “force” yourself to wait for it. The flow is something that happens when you are just being you, and do things that you would do. So to get the most out of the flow of the universe, you have to be you, as much as you can.


“Be who you are, and follow the flow of the universe.”

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