The color green

Healing and disease

If your soul or aura has the power of green, you have the power of healing and disease.


Positive energy: Healing

You’re able to heal, support and protect others around you. The essence of your comfort can comfort others, and make them feel safe, protected and even healed, just by your presence. The green light from within you comes from nature itself, and renaissance within our souls. 


Negative energy: Disease

When you do not thrive, your green light becomes a disease, for yourself and others around you. Toxic people can create more toxic people, and it becomes a dangerous cycle. When you have the power to lift people up, you also have the power to break them. But be very aware of this, diseases are contagious, and will infect your own soul even more.


Energy guide

You should always try to give out as much positive energy as possible, but no one is perfect, and someday, eventually, you will inneverbilly send out some form of negative energy.


But the balance of energy is not found in never giving out negative energy, but in giving out more positive energy than negative.


Use your positive energy and your power of healing, support and protectiveness, as much as you can, to cure all the toxic, in the world around you.

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