Polar Bear Spirit Animal

People connected with

the POLAR BEAR spirit animal

Even though you’re surrounded by cold, your heart is warm.

You have this form of natural kindness, that comes of as gentle and collected.

You know when the ice is thin, and you play safe, the most important thing is not how fast you can get it, it is to get it.

As a bear in a cave, you feel most comfortable in your own cave, looking inward, collecting your thoughts and energy.

With your heart and the strength of a polar bear, you tend to seek control of the things you want in life, and it oftens comes natural to you.

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The Polar Bear spirit animal has a lot of heart! This means that the people connected with the Polar Bear spirit animal use their heart to determine things in life. This is a very strong personal trait, because usually people who have a lot of heart, can see beyond logic and see hidden potential in themselves and others. Often people who are connected with the Polar Bear spirit animal, just have a “feeling” of what is right or wrong, and what decisions to make (and they are often right) – This feeling is in their core and comes from their heart.

Benefits of having lots of heart

There are lots of potential, benefits and powers to awaken with the Polar Bear spirit animal and its flourishing heart. People truly connected with the Polar Bear spirit animal often have more sympathy, understanding and connection then other people, which makes them more in tune with all living things. People who have lots of heart are often great with animals, are more helpful, laugh more and live longer. All of these qualities make people connected with the Polar Bear spirit animal very likeable, and people often trust these people more, making strong bonds between all beings. A strong heart, is a strong person.

Beware of a broken heart

Because people connected with the Polar Bear animal have a lot of heart, they often put a lot of trust in the people around them, because they always wanna see the best in them. Even though people with a lot of heart often have a strong and correct feeling about who to put their trust into, sometimes this feeling can be misleading, and you end up putting your trust in the wrong people. And it can hurt, it can really hurt a lot .. But the important thing to remember is that it is not you who are wrong, it is the people you put your trust into. They are the ones that spilled their chance to be trusted, to be loved and to having someone believing the best in them.

So no matter how hard you may get hurt, always remember to open your heart again, your love, your trust and your willingness to believe in the best of people are one of your greatest strengths! 

“Let your heart guide you.”

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