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With the turtle as your spirit animal, there’s one thing that is for sure – that your heart always is in the right place.

People connected to the turtle spirit animal always have a big heart, and that is why they are so protective, about their own heart and others. They don’t really gamble, they play safe, and it doesn’t matter how slow they achieve their goals, as long as they get there.

If you are connected with the spirit animal, you like to look invers, to find your perspektive and your source of energy.

As a person connected to the turtle spirit animal, you have a good balance between, when it’s time to take control of a situation, or when it’s time to stick your head into your shell, and just go with the flow.

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The Turtle spirit animal has a lot of heart! This means that the people connected with the Turtle spirit animal use their heart to determine things in life. This is a very strong personal trait, because usually people who have a lot of heart, can see beyond logic and see hidden potential in themselves and others. Often people who are connected with the Turtle spirit animal, just have a “feeling” of what is right or wrong, and what decisions to make (and they are often right) – This feeling is in their core and comes from their heart.

Benefits of having lots of heart

There are lots of potential, benefits and powers to awaken with the Turtle spirit animal and its flourishing heart. People truly connected with the Turtle spirit animal often have more sympathy, understanding and connection then other people, which makes them more in tune with all living things. People who have lots of heart are often great with animals, are more helpful, laugh more and live longer. All of these qualities make people connected with the Turtle spirit animal very likeable, and people often trust these people more, making strong bonds between all beings. A strong heart, is a strong person.

Beware of a broken heart

Because people connected with the Turtle animal have a lot of heart, they often put a lot of trust in the people around them, because they always wanna see the best in them. Even though people with a lot of heart often have a strong and correct feeling about who to put their trust into, sometimes this feeling can be misleading, and you end up putting your trust in the wrong people. And it can hurt, it can really hurt a lot .. But the important thing to remember is that it is not you who are wrong, it is the people you put your trust into. They are the ones that spilled their chance to be trusted, to be loved and to having someone believing the best in them.

So no matter how hard you may get hurt, always remember to open your heart again, your love, your trust and your willingness to believe in the best of people are one of your greatest strengths! 

“Let your heart guide you.”

The turtle animals

power and abilities

The turtle animal has many great powers and abilities, but maybe its greatest is its strong defence and protection. When the turtle spirit animal feels strong, and can fight off anything, whenever it is, bullying words, negative energy, toxic people etc. 

The turtle spirit animal can lay its shield around you, and all the bad and negative things that come at you, will just repel off, so you can stay safe and happy inside its shell.

If truly connected to the turtle spirit animal, you can use its powers to protect others too, so just when they stand in your presence, they feel safe and secure.

Neon Turtle spirit animal


Other powers of the turtle spirit animal is its ability to find the right path and just swim. The turtle spirit animal can sometimes give of lazy or slow energy, but that is just because they are not on the right path yet. Just like sea turtles, who move slowly on land, but move with incredible speed, when they find the right current in the water, the turtle spirit animals need to find the right current in life, for them to move fast and feel really energized.

When you find the right path in life, you and your turtle spirit animal, will flow with ease through life, like floating on life.   


Another ability of the turtle spirit animal is its persistens. The turtle spirit animal is often connected well with the water element, because they share some of the same powers, persistensi. Every move the turtle animal makes, no matter how slow, or how little, is a step forward. 

It may sometimes look like the turtle spirit animal is moving backwards, because of some strong hit backs, but it is always moving forward, and that is its persistensi. 

With the turtle spirit animal

as your guide

With the turtle spirit animal as your spirit guide is well protected, and you may gain a lot of benefits if you are well connected. The following are some of the benefits that may follow, if the turtle is your spirit animal:

~ Loving and caring heart ~

~ Protectiveness of yourself and others ~

~ Protection from negative and harmful energy ~

~ The ability to float through life ~

~ Persistence ~  


You can read more about the benefits you gain from having the turtle animal as your spirit guide, i the sections: The turtle animals power and abilities and People connected with the turtle spirit animal

The turtle spirit animals


If you want to connect deeper with your spirit animal, it can sometimes be a good idea to seek places or things that renaissance well with your common souls. This is often done by finding places or elements that represent the spirit animal’s natural background, environment or habitat.

For the turtle spirit animal this could be:

  • Beaches
  • Water
  • Sand
  • Salt water
  • Ocean
  • Lake 
  • Ponds
  • Rocks

And much more..

Sea turtles are ancient reptiles that inhabit the seas and oceans and have hardly changed over the last 150 million years.

Where do they often live?
Today, seven different species of sea turtles swim in the seas:
– The green or giant tortoise (Chelonia mydas),
– Eretmochelys imbricata,
– Caretta caretta,
– Lepidochelys kempii,
– Pacific olive tortoise (Lepidochelys olivacea),
– Natator depressus,
– And Dermochelys coriacea.

These species divided into two families: Dermochelyidae and Cheloniidae. Dermochelys coriacea is the only surviving species of its evolutionary lineage (Dermochelyidae) that differed from other turtles during the Cretaceous or Jurassic period. Other species of sea turtles belong to the family Cheloniidae, which originate from a common ancestor in the
Middle Tertiary.

The Cheloniidae family inhabits tropical and subtropical seas, while Caretta caretta and Lepidochelys kempii spend a lot of time in warm seas of the temperate zone, migrate between the highlands latitudes at which they feed and low, at which they conduct winter.

Populations inhabiting the eastern shores of North America spend the summer in coastal waters near New York, migrating in the fall south toward Florida. Chelonia mydas and Caretta are the only species of sea turtles that breed in the Mediterranean.

Dermochelys coriacea is the only reptile that can withstand large differences in ambient temperature. It nests in tropical areas and feeds in cold northern waters.

It lives in Japanese waters, Newfoundland, Iceland, western Norway, and the United Kingdom. In the south, been observed in the waters of Chile, Peru, and
New Zealand.

How do they interact with their surroundings?
Marine turtles have secondarily adapted to life in the water by developing fins for swimming. Their armor is given a hydrodynamic shape. The front fins are used for swimming, while the rear fins are maintained the direction of movement.

They are good swimmers and can swim at an average speed of 5 km / h. Turtles are significant for the ecosystem because, by their action in it, they maintain their balance. We also call them roof species, which means that by protecting the turtle environment, we also conserve other species that live in that habitat. Since the turtle environment is large, we defend numerous marine organisms.

Marine turtles, during feeding at the bottom, mix soil and water deposits, thus encouraging the return of nutrients from the sediment of the seabed into seawater, which further enriches it. That it does not exist bioturbation, the precipitated material would disappear from the marine chemical composition. Sea turtles are among the vertebrates that can dive the longest. Most species dive to a depth of 10 to 50 m.
Generally, dives last from 15 minutes to an hour, and they are on the surface only 3 to 6% of the total time.

Marine turtles dive to great depths to find food, lowered body temperature, escaped from predators, or got rid of parasites that cannot withstand such pressure.

What do they eat?
– Caretta caretta — feeds on invertebrates at depths up to 61 m.

– Chelonia mydas — feeds on sea flowers and algae.

– Adult Lepidochelys olivacea — spend their lives swimming along the sea currents where they gather algae and the animals.

– Lepidochelys kempii — feeds on crabs, shellfish, and snails found in shallow coastal areas up to 46 m deep.

– Eretmochelys imbricata — feeds on sponges in coral reefs.

– Natator depressus — feeds on jellyfish, sea feathers, and other invertebrates that inhabit the soft bottoms of coastal water.

– Dermochelys coriacea — feeds on cold seas, chemical energy the resulting food is stored in the form of fat in the subcutaneous adipose tissue. When it caught the prey, comes to the surface to eat it. It feeds on
jellyfish, pyrosomes, and gelatinous zooplankton, for fat accumulation.

The biggest threat to sea turtles is the interaction with humans. Although all species of sea turtles are
protected, they still face accidental catches.

However, some changes in fishing techniques, such as more rounded hooks, shorter time to leave nets in the sea, adequate recovery, and Turtle Excluder Devices, can dramatically reduce mortality rates.

In addition to fishing as one of the threats, a large number of sea turtles die every year from swallowing plastic bags, bottles, and other waste in the water. Floating plastic bags look like jellyfish that are prey to many sea turtles. The development of tourism has also affected nesting sites: light and sound pollution frightens adults and disorients young turtles.

Sea turtles have identified as one of the most endangered groups in the world, and all species are on the
IUCN Red List: Lepidochelys kempii and Eretmochelys imbricata are critically endangered; Chelonia mydas
is endangered; Caretta caretta, Dermochelys coriacea, and a Lepidochelys olivacea are in danger; the balance status of the Natator depressus is unclear due to lack of data. All seven species of sea turtles are in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

The turtle spirit animal is often connected with

the water element

The water element is a symbol for persistence. Even small drops of water can, by giving enough time, become an ocean, and that is what the water element symbolizes.

It's the small steps every day that can make a big difference.

For others it may seem like those connected to the water element get things pretty easy, because they only see the final small step, that has been taken upon the long journey of staircases.

"If connected to the water element it may seem like your float through life, but you're actually keeping your balance with tiny constants reactions."

The turtle spirit animal is often connected with

the color green

If your soul or aura has the power of green, you have the power of healing and disease.

Positive energy: Healing

You're able to heal, support and protect others around you.

The essence of your comfort can comfort others, and make them feel safe, protected and even healed, just by your presence.

The green light from within you comes from nature itself, and renaissance within our souls. 

Negative energy: Disease

When you do not thrive, your green light becomes a disease, for yourself and others around you. Toxic people can create more toxic people, and it becomes a dangerous cycle. When you have the power to lift people up, you also have the power to break them. But be very aware of this, diseases are contagious, and will infect your own soul even more.

Disclaimer about the spirit animals

This is not the classic or traditional way to look at spirit animals. This is a new and modern way to look at it, and is mixed of different theories, stories, experiences and knowledge, to give, what we believe, to be the best way to look at spirit animals. This is done by trying to make the ultimate guide to spirit animals, by writing about their powers, meanings, symbols and much more. All of the content on is based on beliefs from the mighty neon dragon, whose main belief is that “love, balance and understanding”, is the key to life. 

If you want to help us, by giving your wisdom and knowledge about spirit animals, we would love to hear what you think about the article with the:


Turtle spirit animal

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