Zebra Spirit Animal

People connected with

the ZEBRA spirit animal

The zebra is a balanced creature, it knows when to focus on the white and when to focus on the black in life.

The Zebra spirit animal has a great balance between listening to its heart, or when to overrule those feelings with logic.

People connected to the zebra spirit animal donsnt normaly make stupid miskakes, they oftten have smart tricks that can smoothen any situation.

They have an amazing ability to contain inner focus and understanding, no matter how many people are around them.

And finally the zebra spirit animal knows when to blend in, or when to lead, making them a great decision maker in life. 

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AWARE – Zebra Spirit Animal

The Zebra spirit animal is aware. If you are connected to the Zebra spirit animal you are aware of the balance between using heart or you logic to determine things in life. To be aware is a very strong power, to be able to analyse a situation, and find out if you have to trust your feelings, heart and guts, or you have to use your logic and analyse the situation, to find the best outcome of a situation. To be aware of the balance between heart and logic is an ultra powerful power to bestove.


Benefits of being aware
There are a lot of benefits of being aware, and if your spirit animal is the Zebra, then you’re probably very aware. People who are aware have the best of both worlds, meaning that they can be very sympathetic, be helpful and kind, but they also know when it’s time to be analytic, logic and use their brain instead of their heart. In relationships, it sometimes can be hard to listen to your heart, and here it can be extremely beneficial to overrule those feelings, and use logic to determine if this relationship is gone. On the other hand it can sometimes be more beneficial to just drop all logic, and just follow your heart, and be with the person you love, even if the odds are against you. People with the Zebra spirit animal can be both, and everything comes down to having good judgment, when judging when to use your heart, or when to use your brain.


Miss timed, disconnected and wrong judgement
No matter how strong you are, connected with your Zebra spirit animal, or aware you are, sometimes you will unevertable make the wrong decision. This is only human, and the important thing is to get up and try again, and maybe learn from the experience. You will always be one of the people who often can make the best and most fair calls in life. Because you can see things from different perspectives. Sometimes you can feel disconnected and feel like every decision you make is mistimed, and at the same times in life we make some very bad calls, but you have to keep taking them, no matter what. Just learn and grow from them.


“Keep making decisions, because you are good at them!”

PROTECTION – Zebra Spirit Animal

The Zebra spirit animal gives you protection, and gives your a protective mindset. If you are connected to the Zebra spirit animal, you have a way of thinking and doing, that makes you protective.


– Safety first
– Building defence before offense
– The important thing is not to win, it is not to loose.
– Rather stop now, then risking losing it all

These are all things that describe your mindset, and that is a very strong mindset, that brings you immunity and protection from almost anything in life.


The mind of protection
To be connected with the Zebra spirit animal and having a protective mindset have lots of benefits. In life a protective mind and soul gives you protection and security in life keeping you safe. You are rarely injured and rarely hurt makes your protection often keep you from making bad choices in life. You are growth hacking life, meaning that every step you take in life is a small and firm brick, that helps you build somethings bigger, better and stronger. Every step you take in life is strong, and you almost never wever from there. Because of your protectiveness, you almost always secure the steps in life you already have taken, making your growth in life a “little slow” but very strong and steady.


Too protective and too safe
Sometimes your safety and protective energy can stop you in life. You should be very aware of this. When your spirit animal is the Zebra and you have a strong protective and safe energy in life, sometimes it can be too much. Sometimes in life we have to push ourselves in life, and get out of our comfort zone, where we don’t always feel “safe”. Don’t let your protectiveness keep you from living. If your protection keeps you from living and stops you in life, one day you will probably wake up and feel more vulnerable than you ever had. Keep taking small and safe “risk” and harden that shell of tours, so you can become stronger, and harder, too keep you protection and safety,


“It is not important when you get there, just as long as you get there”

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